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​​I'm a twenty-something' gal living in North Georgia. I grew up in a small town in Idaho called Preston (Napoleon Dynamite was filmed here!) I graduated college December 2019 from Kennesaw State University with my degree in Public Relations. I am now the Marketing Manager for Bob Steele Salon. I absolutely LOVE my full-time job, but my passion lies in Video and Photo creation. I am also a Youtuber (shameless plug? @Kait Dee).

 I am the type of gal that is always on the go. I love exploring, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my terrier-mix named Mia. I can't wait to meet you and chat more!


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Chai Lattes, the rain, and a good candle are my sweet nothings!

Sweet Treats


I looooove astrology and personality types! I am a Gemini and an Enneagram type 8w7.

Astrology & Enneagram


I have two pups: a 9 year old Terrier mix named Mia and a year old Australian Shepherd named Taya. They love getting into trouble.

Dog mama


Besides being a creative, I love makeup, home decor, graphic design, and my puppies!

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I began filming vlog content of my every day life. I began with a Canon EOS M100 (your typical vlogging camera). I captured a little bit of everything. From my daily life to special trips and moments, but what I truly loved most was the editing process and seeing. how bits and pieces came together to create a cinematic finish, After a year on YouTube, I decided to get more into videography. I saved up for a Panasonic Lumix G7. The quality blew me away and I began to add to my equipment. This moment was huge for me! I wanted to capture real-time authentic joys in people's lives that could be replayed over and over. I knew after my first wedding that this was the right hobby for me! I am still to this day so proud of my very first wedding



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