I am all over the place with my creations. From photo to video to even some graphic design - I want to create. Nothing is off limits. Shoot me a message with whatever you want to build together. 

Wild ideas are welcomed here.

So happy you stumbled across my page. I'm Kait. Let's create something raw + real and unique to you and your love story. I want to get to know you and (maybe getting ahead of myself) become your friend! As someone with a YouTube background, I know how uncomfortable and awkward it is to be in front of a camera so it's my job to make you feel confident, beautiful, and like a dang MODEL.


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1 - You're open, excited to tell your love story, and wants someone that does more than just photography & videography. I'll be there to lend an extra hand at any point! 

2 - You're wanting a stress-free day without having to constantly direction. No anxiety. - except for the typical wedding nerves!

3 - You want an authentic representation of day with some added creativity and will work with any payment plan!

4 - You want someone that you can text/email/call at any time of the day and share ideas and will be just as excited!

5 - You want someone that does this because it's their passion. You're not just another client to them.

I might be your gal if...


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